Patterns for Pennsylvania Dutch and Amish style quilts
Amish Feathers Border   $15
Amish Feathers Tip   $15
Complete Set - All 4 Feather Patterns   $55
Double Feather Wreath 656   $15
Double Feather Wreath   $15
Feather Pinwheel   $10
Large Feather Wreath with Grid   $15
Feather Cross   $15
Feather Plume 391   $15
Feather Plume   $15
Feathered Heart 414   $15
Feathered Oval 390   $15
Feathered Triangle 528   $15
Feathered Wreath 6   $15
Four Hearts   $10
Large Square Feather   $15
Large Square Three Quarter Feather   $15
Straight Feathered Corner   $10
Small Feathered Square   $15
Large Square Feather Half   $15
Amish Feathers Set
Feather Medallion 120   $20
Little Feather Wreath   $15
Corner and Border Repeat Sample
Base, Middle (Border) Repeat, and Tip Sample
Please note: Corner pattern will
overlap border pattern at beginning
and end. It will not end snap to the
border repeats.
Sample: Feathered Swag with Corner
Feather Cornerstone   $10
Large Feather Wreath   $15
Rosette Large   $15
Hearts and Plumes  $15
Feathered Heart 417   $15
Welsh Heart   $15
Feathered Paisley   $15
Feather Curl Corner   $20
Straight Feathered Border   $15
Feather Swag with Piano Keys   $15
Piano Keys Corner   $10
Amish Feathers Base   $15
Amish Feathers Corner   $15
Please read this Download PDF before
you order for instant download steps.
Feather Rosette 444   $10
Feather Rosette 443   $10
Antique Lantern   $15
Coxcomb and Reel   $15
Cupids Dart   $15
Dutch Tulips   $15
Linked Hearts   $15
Reel and Fleur de Lis   $15
Valentine   $15
Wheel of Fortune   $15
Victorian Hearts   $15
Four Petals   $10
Four Hearts 1   $10
Pinwheel    $10
Amish Pinwheel   $10
Feather Swag Double with Piano Keys   $15
Blocks Border   $15
Sunflower Border   $15
Simple Cable   $15
Simple Cable End   $5
Sunflower Corner   $5
Swag   $10
Corner Plume   $10
Swag Ruffled   $10
Wildflower Border Corner   $15
Wildflower Border   $15
Star Cable Border  $15
Star Cable Corner   $5
Cables and Swags
Simple Cable      Makes its own corner.
Use this pattern to finish a straight border or in a wide sash.
Star Cable
Swag and Feather Plume
Diamond Cable Sash   $10
Square and Cable Sash   $10
P2P Feather Sash Alternating   $15
P2P Feather Sash Simple  $10
P2P Wildflower Sash   $10
P2P Amish Star Sash   $10
P2P Diamond Sash   $10
P2P Egg and Dart   $10
Feather Swag Double   $15
Feathered Heart 430   $15
This collection of traditional patterns will work well in an Amish style quilt. If the fabrics are dark
Old Order Amish colors, use a dark thread such as black, navy or dark brown.  
Bright colors or variegated threads would be out of character for these quilts.
Line or grid pattens will combine nicely and give good contrast to the flowing feather patterns.

Please note that these patterns are duplicated elsewhere on this website.
Please check to be sure you don't own them before ordering.