Quilting Templates
Do you love feather quilting patterns?
Now you can draw the designs you want in the size you need!
The Infinite Feathers template makes design work easy.
A dozen different shapes and sizes can be used to create an almost infinite variety of
feather designs. Three curved edges can be traced to create spines for plumes, swags and
running border designs. The cut-out feather shapes are easy to trace onto paper or directly
onto the quilt top. All one piece - easy to trace, no slipping, no little templates to lose.

The Infinite Feathers template measures approximately 8" x 12" and comes with complete
instructions for a variety of quilting designs. Step by step instructions on back of card.
Infinite Feathers Template
Ruching Guides
Ruching is a French term which means "gathering, ruffling or pleating".  A zig-zag line of
gathering stitches worked along a strip This  textured strip can then be shaped into a variety of
floral motifs.

Add dimensional flowers, vines, butterflies and other embellishments to your quilts and
garments. The RucheMark Ruching Guides will set an evenly spaced pattern to help make
uniform petals. Four different petal sizes, plus instructions for six types of flowers.
texture produces a full ring of petals. As the
increased fullness in the center.    Circular
ruched flowers are quicker to stitch and less
Circular ruching combines two different types of
bulky than large sprial ruched flowers. The New
texture produces a full ring of petals. As the
RucheMark Circular Ruching Guide makes six
circle is gathered, it becomes smaller with sizes
of flowers, from miniature up to 3". Complete
instructions included.
Berries, Grapes & Tendrils
The Berries, Grapes & Tendrils design template makes these all-time favorites easier than ever
to draw.  Trace through cut-out openings to draw perfect circles and two different oval shapes
in sizes from 1/4" to 3/4". Channels make it easy to add a variety of tendrils for the finishing
touch.  Perfect for drawing designs for applique, quilting, trapunto, inking or embroidery.  
Grape Wreath from
album quilt.
Grape Wreath from
The Shackelford Family Album Quilt.
Perfect Spiral
For those quilters looking for a new idea in background quilting,
Perfect Spiral is the answer. Three different curves and one straight
edge will produce perfect radiating straight or spiral patterned lines.

The protractor measurements provide for infinite spacing variations.
Perfect Spiral will mark blocks or backgrounds up to 24" across.
Large Perfect Spiral   $14.95
Template size   8 1/2" x 12 1/2 "
"Grace" Appliqued by Emily Senuta.
Quilted by Anita Shackelford
"Abby's Rose"  Appliqued and quilted
by Emily Senuta.

Perfect Fans & Shells
Now available in two sizes.
Do you love those all-over quilting patterns used so often in nineteenth century quilts?
clamshells and fan patterns easily and accurately. Use it all over, to fill background areas, or in
clamshells measuring  1 1/2" or 2" and can be repeated to fill any space. The Mini Perfect Fans &
Shells will draw clam shells measuring 3/4" or 1".
1 1/2" Clamshells make a nice background
filler behind traditional applique.
Late nineteenth century Devil's Clawquilt shows all-over fan quilting.
Introducing beautiful new background
quilting templates. Create designs in
straight basket weave pattern, or curved
woven ribbons.
Place & Trace Quilting Design Templates
Designed by Emily Senuta
Cherry Wreath design, appliqued
and quilted in 1/2" Basket Weave,   
by Anita Shackelford
1/4" Basket Weave with big
stitch quilting, by Emily Senuta.
Wildflowers design, appliqued and
quilted in 1/2" Ribbon Weave, by
Anita Shackelford
Detail: Twisted Ribbon quilting,        
"Beth's Quilt" by Emily Senuta.
Detail: "Beth's Quilt" by Emily Senuta.  
 1/4"  Basket Weave  
Clamshells can also be the beginning of beautiful sashiko designs.
Spiral quilting in a block from Coxcomb sampler
Classic fan quilting over Redwork embroidery
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Basic Shapes
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All templates are 8 1/2"  x  11" heavy weight plastic to use again and again.
Choose a fabric that appeals to you. Look for one that has several
different motifs, a variety of sizes, and enough background space to
be able to isolate them from one another.
Use a basic shape template to capture the images you want to use.
Design a background and place the motifs.    
          Applique by hand or machine.
We have added new Basic Shapes templates to our line of quiltmaking
tools. I've used these for years in my Focus on Fabric workshop. It's a
great way to create a one-of-a-kind wall quilt. Piece a simple
background and capture the  featured image in a shape that will be
easy to applique by hand or machine.

There are 5 basic shapes available; each will lend a different mood to
options for creative design - even miniature work.

Follow the steps below to see how easy it is to create a unique quilt
from a special theme or novelty fabric.

Focus on Fabric Workshop
Large Perfect Fans & Shells    $14.95
Template size 14" x 3 3/8"
Mini Perfect Fans & Shells   $10.95
Template size  8" x 2 3/8"
Mini Perfect Fans & Shells is back.
Circular Ruching Guide   $12.95
Traditional strip ruching is done by
stitching a line of gathering stitches in
a zig zag pattern across a folded strip
of fabric. Each "V" makes one petal. The
strip ruching guide can be used to mark
the stitching pattern forfour different
sizes of petals.
Strip Ruching Guide   $12.95
Berries Grapes & Tendrils  $12.95
Ribbon Weave 1/2"   $11.95
Ribbon Weave 1/4"   $11.95
Basket Weave 1/4"   $11.95
Basket Weave 1/2"   $11.95
Infinite Feathers   $14.95
Complete Set of 5 Basic Shapes   $45
Here at Thimble Works, we offer a variety of tools and templates that will help make your quilts special.

Our ruching guides will add beautiful embellishments to an applique quilt.

With our Infinite Feathers template, you can draw feathers to fit any mood or any space.

Many of the others, such as Perfect Spiral, Perfect Fans & Shells, Basket Weave and Ribbon Weave
will add unique background quilting to any quilt.

Our Basic Shapes were designed for a special applique workshop, but they also offer
a variety of geometric options for background quilting.
The Perfect Fans & Shells tool will also help you draw traditional
Baptist Fan quilting.

To use, place a pin to secure the tool to the quilt at one end,
place a pencil in marking holes, and pivot to draw the fan arcs.

Holes are located every 1/4" to allow you to draw fans in almost
any size.
Oval Basic Shapes   $10.95
Octagon Basic Shapes   $10.95
Hexagon Basic Shapes   $10.95
Diamond Basic Shapes   $10.95